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The best infinity pool designers.

The leading Infinity Pool Guys offers swimming pool design advice, construction materials, repair services and maintenance work to clients. Our aim is to meet the customers’ needs by supporting them professionally by maximum utilization of our resources. Infinity Pool Guys ensures excellence construction through site inspections so that our customers’ expectations are met and the infinity pool they wanted installed in their property is installed within the stipulated time. We have stood the test of time and Infinity Pool Guys strives to make our service delivery better every day.


We have a highly experienced team of professionals. Infinity pools are very expensive and require extensive architectural detailing, structural detailing and mechanical detailing. Our team ensures structural detailing is based from the geological conditions on the site and they commission a geological report of the structural engineering prior to the project commencement. The construction team ensures that the foundation system that the infinity pool to the hillsides meet the expected standards for longer utility and durability. The team also address the issue of additional features you want put in your infinity pool.

Construction process

Infinity Pool Guys provide services that uses your imagination as the blueprint for designing and building the custom infinity swimming pool you want in your property. We explore the latest technology before installing the pool. We start the journey of building the infinity pool from the lay out stage to the orientation stage.

Layout- The outline of the pool is spray painted on the ground according to your design plan so that you can approve the shape and location of your infinity pool. In case of any concerns the layout phase is the best time to address them with Infinity Pool Guys. What follows is the excavation phase and the pool is excavated. After excavation our professional plumbers use Schedule 40 PVC pipe and fitting to create the circulation system of your pool using industry best practices for arrangement and assembly technique.

After plumbing is over our experts install steel for reinforcement. Concrete spacers are also put to insure the steel is not against the wall of the pool. Our structural engineering is of the highest integrity for longer life of your swimming pool. After reinforcement electric wiring is done and our electricians ensure it meets all electric and grounding National Electric Code standards. Ground fault interrupter devices will be installed for protection against electric fault.

Municipal inspection phase- If the infinity pool requires a permit for example those found in resorts, at this point the municipality will perform an inspection of the plumbing, rebar and electrical work. If municipality allows the work to go on what follows is application of concrete which is used to create a monolithic shell. After that waterfall and boulder are installed. Tile and coping then follows which create the most important aspect of the pool’s design and highlight the perimeter of your pool while defining the boundaries of the deck and pool. Decking, clean up, fencing, pre-plaster inspection and interior finishing then follows before start up and orientation.

Customers can get in touch with us on 888-738-5932 for more information about services offered at Infinity Pool Guys

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